The Mayors Committee, a division of the SCRANTON TOMORROW celebration of the Sesquicentennial of The City of Scranton, consists of all of the living ex-mayors of Scranton. It includes Mayors James J. Walsh, Eugene J. Peters, James B. McNulty, David J. Wenzel, James P. Connors and Christopher Doherty.


Our task is to plant 150 trees to honor and represent the best citizens that have striven to make the City of Scranton the jewel of Northeastern Pennsylvania.


Our first endeavor will be to plant three trees on the Courthouse Square to honor the founders of Scranton: George Scranton, Joseph Hand Scranton and Charles Fredrick Mattes. This will take place on April 23, 2015, at 11AM, near the intersection of Adams Ave. and Linden St. The date marks the 149th anniversary of the incorporation of Scranton as a city. The official beginning of the Sesquicentennial will be two days later, April 25. A second planting of trees will take place in May, honoring the four Medal of Honor recipients from Lackawanna County.

Other tree plantings will honor individuals or organizations associated with sports, the arts, pioneers of industry, religious leaders, education, politics, philanthropy, etc. An attempt will be made to have a planting at or near every elementary and secondary school in the city. Plantings between Scranton and its neighboring towns and boroughs will be undertaken.


Donations for the plantings are needed pending a grant request from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources “Tree Vitalize” Program. Donations can be made to SCRANTON TOMORROW at 1011 North Main Ave. Scranton 18508. All donations are tax deductible.


The final planting of the last 30 trees will be at the new Harrison Avenue Bridge, scheduled to be completed in 2016 . These 30 trees will honor the 30 mayors of Scranton.


If you belong to a club or organization, you can sponsor a tree planting for $300. All trees will be planted in City parks throughout Scranton. We will help you to determine who you would want to honor and what kind of tree will be appropriate. We will also help to organize an appropriate ceremony to honor both the honoree and the sponsor.





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